Property Check Services

You plan a great weekend at the cottage with family and friends, to finally arrive and find that your cottage was a victim of a break and enter or that some strange animal has moved in. Maybe an old tree has fallen over & blocked your path to your weekend of rest and relaxation.

That’s where the BHM Professional Services can protect your investment
and make your precious vacation time more reassuring.

Our Service

Package Choice of Weekly, Bi-monthly or Monthly cottage inspections
“The Little Extras”
Often when we visit we see things that should be done and go ahead – without charge while we are there.

Each and every visit, our professional team will conduct a thorough on-site check of your premises.

This Includes:
  • break and enter / intruders
  • water leakage / damage
  • animal infestation
  • perimeter check
if we encounter any problems, we will:
  • notify you immediately
  • follow your instructions
  • notify the proper authorities
  • take photographs, etc.

All Services and Inspections are carefully Documented

In all probability the major benefit to you is the peace of mind in knowing your cottage property is being well cared for, and respected while you are away.

Many insurance policies require a regular property “check-up” during the owner’s absence. Inquire with your insurer, then ask us how we can help.

Regular Communications and a detailed Paper Trail

Many people do not realize that their cottage insurance may be compromised because no-one is looking out for their place when they are away. We highly recommend you contact your insurance company and inquire about this little known, but very important detail.